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Featured Video !

Need for A Rescue Sub-Station
 at F.A.T.S.? Well Over Due !

Go Marcel Bombanato!
New Fort Lauderdale
Florida B.O.M.B. ! Road
Trip guys! Beach and Bike?
YES MarkhamPark here we come!


It's That Time Of Year Again !
Wear Hunter-Orange to Keep From
Becoming "The Game" !

*If you're a fast rider,
orange all year is
recommended to avoid
head-on collisions !


B.o.m.b. Looping The Loops !

Had Evans ROTC
Guest Riders Sunday !
Glad They're The One's
Defending Our Country !

With the Rainy
Upon Us !

A sure bet always
is Hard Packed
Old Historic
Bartram Trail !

The Bicycle Safety Guide


For links to great bicycle safety information please click here.

Thanks goes to Taylor in Ms. Haynes class for spotting this treasure trove of safety tips.

New Beginner Trail @ Canal !

Nice Beginner 1.2 mile loop off to the
left of River Clearing between toe path
and Savannah River complete w/bridges !

* Starts at Picnic Table , makes lollipop !






           F. A. T. S. always 
             ** CLOSED **
           after good rain !
        Reasons not to ride :

              * Will deepen ruts
              * May loose control
                 w/serious injury
              * May ruin derailuers


        Past B.O.M.B trip
               to Moab !

      Mt Bike Trip Trail Video



...In life, we all have ups and downs. There are seasons 
that are more difficult than others, seasons of testing, 
trials and temptation where our character is being deve-
loped and our faith in God is being strengthened. Some
times it can feel like you are taking two steps forward 
and then three steps backward. But if we’re not careful, 
we’ll start thinking that life is always going to be this way. 
Even in the strong seasons, you'll start looking for things 
to go wrong.

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             Charles Garner Jr's photo.



  Spunky Crowd Conquered Bartram Sunday !




       We Had A lively Bunch at Bartram        

       Sunday To Ring in the New Year !



     Lots of rain lately ! Steer clear of the wet spots !


            Bike thieves Moonlighting in 
           Augusta Ga neighborhoods !
             >>>>News Article<<<<

  Everyone Loves Riding Bartram 
       at Clarks Hill Lake !
        >>>Story:Trails New National Recognition<<<


    Still looking for the oldest 
         B.O.M.B. Photo !
       if you think you have it send it to us !


  Mt. Biking can be addictive and sometimes 
     the risk Just seems to be inconsequential but
      F.orks A.rea T.rail S.ystem Simply can 
     not be underestimated or taken lightly ! 
       As the Recent Rider incident with 
    Mortal Injuries Can Be a Sad and Realistic
      Example !
  >>>> Story  <<<<

        Consult a physician before starting 
     a new exercise routine !

    ATTENTION ! F.A.T.S. Trails 
      Are not for beginners !


         There that said . For some reason several claim this trail is great for 
          everyone even beginners . There is actually a small section that is good
          for beginners but riding this gets in the way of people trying to park ! 
          Mt Biking can be fun and enjoyable with most trail systems running 
         along side Clarks Hill Lake ( mainly Bartram Nature Trail ) linking 
         several Camp Grounds complete with grills and beaches for family 

         outdoor enjoyment . F.A.T.S. this is NOT ! F.A.T.S. has long fast 
         down hill sections that are lined with large southern pines then long up
         hill climbs that will test the strenght of your heart,all built in or near 
       Sumter national Forest where rumour has it Noah unloaded the Ark !  
Please do not ride this trail until you have mastered all the many other


       trails in the area !  Augusta B.O.M.B. conducts weekly Mt. Bike rides 
                 geared toward "Total Mt. Bike Skills Development" ! 

     Down Load or Print Screen Below
   For Area Trails List in Order of Difficulty

   Hilton Head S.C. SingleTrack !
       >>>Trail Map<<<  

Everyone is excited about Augusta B.O.M.B. !
     Getting out on the Mt Bike Trails ! for ride info ! 


       Are you riding today ! Check local 
       radar by clicking on image below ! 


          Several enjoyed riding Bartram Early Sunday ! 


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Georgia's "Super Epic" Ride !

Georgia's answer to S.C.'s F.a.t.s. : 
         The Pinhoti Trail !

Northern GA

Think of it as a "Super Epic." The Pinhoti Trail covers about 140 miles of prime terrain in northern Georgia . The Georgia Pinhoti Trail Association (GPTA), in conjunction with the Conservation Fund, is continually read more »

Bartram Trail on to Wildwood Getting the Areas Best Reviews !

Network grows for biking trails

Outdoor-minded volunteers expanded a network of mountain bike trails that finally linked five major recreation areas on the Columbia County side of Thurmond Lake.


 Phase #1 of the trail system was established four years ago, when the corps opened an 8.5-mile trail from read more »

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