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People get a kick out of others wipeout !

I learned how when i was little

I like riding logs,adds upper body muscle !

My girl friend taught me how .

You gotta challenge yourself to get better !

I walk them all, cranks are expensive !

Me and my friends build log crossings everywhere !

I still remember my first log !

I prefer downhill trails over timber trails w/logs

We have logs on all the trails we ride in Wyoming

All trails are different go ride what U like :->

Logs are going to be there, just do it !

Here is me after riding a two foot log !!!!!!

Riding logs has given me more confidence !

I prefer the sidewalk over stuff in the woods

I don't mind small logs !

No logs here !

Leave them but notch them !

Video games get boring after a while .

Rocks logs rivers, all part of the woods !

Logs are childs play ! LIVE ! DO A ROCK !

Riding logs gave me a sence of achivement !

Had to quit trying big stuff busted the shaft into

I am quiting logs until i can afford new XTR

packing rocks on each side works for all

Not all trails are maintained so gotta learn how.

I say just go through them !


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